The 41st Ward is home to many beautiful parks and each is designed to encourage and facilitate healthy, recreational activities for all our residents to enjoy.

Every park in the 41st Ward is managed by the Chicago Park District and we encourage you to visit their website for a full listing of services available to every resident in the city of Chicago.

Park Districts

Brooks Park
7100 N. Harlem
Chicago, IL 60631

Edgebrook Park
6325 N. Hiawatha
Chicago, IL 60646

Edison Park Field House
6755 N. Northwest Highway
Chicago, IL 60631

Grandparents Park (C/O Oriole Park)
5445 N Chester
Chicago, IL 60656

Norwood Park
5801 N. Natoma
Chicago, IL 60631

Norwood Special Recreation Parents Group
5801 N. Natoma
The Norwood Park Special Recreation Parents Group, Inc was established to help the Norwood park Therapeutic Recreation Program with fundraising to buy equipment that isn’t supplied through the Chicago Park District. They assist the park with equipment needed for different sports, activities, and crafts. The group also helps supplement busing and hotels needed for special events such as dances, Christmas parties and other social interactions that would benefit the children.

Olympia Park
6566 N. Avondale
Chicago, IL 60631

Oriole Park
5430 N. Olcott
Chicago, IL 60656

Wildwood Park
6950 N. Hiawatha
Chicago, IL 60646

Mulberry Point Park (C/O Norwood Park)
5873 N. Nina Ave
Chicago, IL 60631

Roman Pucinski Preserve

In addition to our many public parks, the 41st Ward is also home to the magnificent Roman Pucinski Preserve. This preserve falls under the jurisdiction of Cook County and is both managed and operated by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.

The Roman Puncinski Preserve is bounded by Devon, Central, and Elston Avenues.

The Mission of the Cook County Forest Preserve is:

…to acquire….and hold lands containing one or more natural forests or parts thereof or lands connecting such forests or parts thereof, or lands capable of being forested, for the purpose of protecting and preserving the flora, fauna, and scenic beauties within such district, and to restore, restock, protect and preserve the natural forests and such lands together with their flora and fauna, as nearly as may be, in their natural state and condition, for the purpose of the education, pleasure, and recreation of the public…


Alderman O’Connor believes that our public libraries serve a vital role in the community. Residents are encouraged o take advantage of all the wonderful services and activities that our local libraries offer residents.

Edgebrook Library
5331 W. Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60646

Oriole Park Library
7454 W. Balmoral Avenue
Chicago, IL 60656

Roden Branch Library
6083 N. Northwest Highway
Chicago, IL 60631