Refuse Rebates

Recent Changes to the Condominium Refuse Rebate

Section 7-28-250 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, regarding reimbursements for the cost of refuse collection for condominium buildings, was amended in November of 2011. As a result, starting in January of 2012, the condo refuse rebate program will change as described below. The below provisions will apply to rebates for costs incurred in 2011 and beyond.

  • Rebates will be available only for owner-occupied units.
  • No additional units will be added to the condo refuse rebate program.  Only owner-occupied units that received one or more condo refuse rebates between January 1, 2009 and November 9, 2011 will be eligible for a rebate going forward.  If you did not receive a rebate during this period or do not successfully apply for a rebate by the January deadline, you lose your eligibility to seek any future rebate.
  • As required by the Municipal Code, Aldermen prepare the necessary ordinance requesting a rebate on behalf of their constituents. Under the amended Code, application ordinances for refuse rebates must be submitted by your Alderman to the City Council?s Committee on Finance not later than January 31st of the year immediately following the billing period for refuse collection for which the rebate is being sought.  Due to the recent effective date of this amendment, applications for 2011 refuse collection costs may be accepted by your Alderman until January 31, 2012 for this year only. For all subsequent years, you should plan to submit your applications at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the January City Council meeting.
  • The maximum annual rebate to a condo association or board is the amount equal to the number of eligible units multiplied by:
    • For 2011 refuse collection costs (applied for in January 2012) – $75;
    • For 2012 refuse collection costs (applied for in January 2013) – $50;
    • For 2013 refuse collection costs (applied for in January 2014) – $25;
    • For 2014 refuse collection costs (applied for in January 2015) – $25;
    • For 2015 refuse collection costs (applied for in January 2016) – $25;
    • or, in each case, the total amount of the refuse bills for the year, whichever is the lesser amount.
  • The condo refuse rebate program will cease to accept applications after January 31, 2016, and no rebates will be granted for refuse collection costs incurred after December 31, 2015.

Except as described above, the application process, including the online application and the additional materials required to apply for a condo refuse rebate, remain unchanged from prior years.

Please visit the Chicago City Council Committee on Finance webpage and fill out a Refuse Reimbursement Application

Please submit a completed application to the 41st Ward office.  These materials will not be accepted by fax or email.

 Refuse Reimbursement Application